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Batik Clothing from Bali Indonesia. CV MAYA BALI sarongs batik beachwear. Beach pareo from Bali and Java Indonesia. Bali Batik Clothing. Welcome to our online catalog, your source for Bali fashion and clothing made in Bali Indonesia. Dresses and beachwear made of rayon, cotton and other fabrics. We provide a wide range of assorted shirts, boho clothing, batik hippie skirts, tops, sarongs pareo and bali dresses. We have a large assortment of plus size women clothing and casual wear made of handmade batik fabrics. Sarongs manufacturers company and factory. Garment manufacturers. Batik textile factory. Sarongs fabric exports companies Bali Indonesia. Resort wear from Bali Indonesia by garment manufacturer and exporter company. Tropical clothing and dresses factory in Denpasar, Near Kuta. Women dresses made of rayon fabric by batik textile producer.

Batik Clothes Made in Indonesia

Poncho 1-1

Batik clothing poncho dress.

Batik Dress Made in Indonesia

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Batik clothing poncho dress.

Batik Poncho Bali Clothing

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Batik clothing poncho dress.

Clothes from Bali. Ladies Dresses Supplier

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Batik clothing poncho dress.

Batik clothing poncho dress

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Batik clothing poncho dress.

Batik Clothing Indonesia

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Batik clothing poncho dress.

Batik clothing from Bali Indonesia. Clothing made in Indonesia. Beachwear manufacturer company. Buy beachwear direct from beachwear factory wholesaler company in Bali Indonesia. Clothing made in Indonesia. Batik Fabric Collection Long Dresses Short Dresses Styles for Plus Size Women Pant Sets Mens Aloha Shirts Skirt Sets Blouses and Jackets Kids Tropical ClothingBali sarongs batik beachwear batik clothing plus size sarong. We're manufacturer company for bali sarongs and batik sarongs. Sarongs beachwear made of 100% rayon textile and best dyes available in the market. Our sarongs factory located in Bali Island of Indonesia. We produce batik sarongs such as plain color sarongs, monocolor, stamp, double process and many more.Sarong manufacturer in Bali Indonesia. Sarongs made in Indonesia. Buy sarongs direct from the factory and manufacturer. Besides sarongs, we also produce batik dresses, sexy skirts, men shirts, man shorts, ladies vacation apparel. We're looking for importers retailers distributors around the world to market our fashion products. Sarongs wholesale online store from Bali Indonesia. Sarongs and pareos direct from the island of Bali and Java, the home of batik arts. Quality batik fabric with vibrant colors, soft fabric and beautiful designs.Batik Sarongs from Bali. Sarongs made of rayon fabric with various tropical motifs. Manufacturer by our company in Bali. We produce sarongs and pareo made of 100% rayon textile. Very versatile and com portable. Suitable as beach wear or bathing suits. Also good as plus size dress. Sarongs made by various method such as silk screen printing, hand painting, stamp and double process. Most sarongs made with fringe. Sarongs from Indonesia. We have many style for sarongs. From solid color sarongs to tropical print sarongs. Sarongs with Hawaiian motifs also available hibiscus flowers, dolphins, geckos, whales etc. Sarongs with sea life motifs. Below you will find our complete list of sarongs and beach wear accessories which we carry:Sarong factory in Bali. Indonesian company who produce sarongs and batik clothing products. Manufacturer and exporter company for sarongs and pareo. Beachwear and beach clothes made in Indonesia. Are you boutique shop owner, beachwear wholesaler, fashion products supplier looking for sarong manufacturer or sarong factory in bali Indonesia ? you have come to the right place. We're manufacturer company for sarongs pareo and batik clothing.Bali pareo and sarongs. Please visit for beautiful batik sarongs made in Indonesia. Sarongs direct from factory and manufacturer. Cheap price sarongs, good quality. Sarongs with western size, vibrant colors and soft fabric. Batik Sarongs.

Batik Clothing Collection Batik Clothing and Batik Beachwear from Bali Indonesia. Please visit our web site to view our most recent catalog of batik cloths and dress

Bandanas for Kids from Bali. Rayon and cotton bandanas made Indonesia. Wholesale price Price Rp 5,000 or US$ 0.56. Price base on exchange rate US$ 1 = Rp 9,000. Fashion Accessories Costume Jewelry from Bali Indonesia. Mother of Pearl Shell Necklaces Made in Indonesia. Sea Shell Jewelry Made in Indonesia. Visit and you will find many accessories and jewelry made of sea shells, mother of pearl shells, beads and paua shell. Paua or pawa shell also known as abalone shell. We source the shells from southsea pearl farms which located on the eastern side of Indonesia.

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