Bali Batik Clothing Bali Women Dresses Plus Size

Bali Beachwear Clothing made in Indonesia

Batik clothing from Bali Indonesia. Women dresses made of rayon or cotton fabric handmade in Island of Bali, Indonesia. Cheap price, suitable for beachwear or summer dresses. Various kind of batik beachwear such as kaftan, tunic, poncho, long dresses and many more. Plus size clothing beachwear. Browse our online catalog using links located below. Feel free to contact us.

Summer clothing wholesale for export by garment clothing manufacturer company

Pnc1-1 Womens Plus Size Dresses

Poncho 1-1 Rp 65,000*

Batik clothing poncho dress.

Pnc1-2 Women Fashion Batik Beachwear

Poncho 1-2 Rp 65,000*

Women Fashion Batik Beachwear.

Pnc1-3 Wholesale Batik Dresses

Poncho 1-3 Rp 65,000*

Wholesale Batik Dresses.

Pnc1-4 Summer Dress Bali

Poncho 1-4 Rp 65,000*

Summer Dress Bali.

Pnc1-5 Resort Wear For Plus Size Women

Poncho 1-5 Rp 65,000*

Resort Wear For Plus Size Women.

Pnc1-6 Rayon Clothing Bali Beach Clothing

Poncho 1-6 Rp 55,000*

Rayon Clothing Bali Beach Clothing.

Pnc1-7 Plus Size Dresses Bali

Poncho 1-7 Rp 55,000*

Plus Size Dresses Bali.

Pnc1-8 Plus Size Clothing Bali

Poncho 1-8 Rp 55,000*

Plus Size Clothing Bali.

Pnc1-9 Indonesia Batik Dress

Poncho 1-9 Rp 55,000*

Indonesia Batik Dress.

Pnc1-10 Clothes From Bali Indonesia

Poncho 1-10 Rp 55,000*

Clothes From Bali Indonesia.

Pnc1-11 Cheap Bali Clothes

Poncho 1-11 Rp 55,000*

Cheap Bali Clothes.

Pnc1-12 Batiks Plus Fabric

Poncho 1-12 Rp 55,000*

Batiks Plus Fabric.

Pnc1-13 Batik Summer Dress

Poncho 1-13 Rp 55,000*

Batik Summer Dress.

Pnc1-14 Batik Plus Size Clothing

Poncho 1-14 Rp 55,000*

Batik Plus Size Clothing.

Pnc1-15 Batik Dresses Bali

Poncho 1-15 Rp 55,000*

Batik Dresses Bali.

Pnc1-16 Batik Dress Fashion

Poncho 1-16 Rp 55,000*

Batik Dress Fashion.

Pnc1-17 Batik Clothing From Indonesia

Poncho 1-17 Rp 55,000*

Batik Clothing From Indonesia.

Pnc1-18 Batik Clothing

Poncho 1-18 Rp 55,000*

Batik Clothing.

Pnc1-19 Batik Clothes

Poncho 1-19 Rp 55,000*

Batik Clothes.

Pnc1-20 Batik Bali Online

Poncho 1-20 Rp 55,000*

Batik Bali Online.

Pnc1-21 Balinese Batik

Poncho 1-21 Rp 55,000*

Balinese Batik.

Pnc1-22 Bali Indonesia Clothing

Poncho 1-22 Rp 55,000*

Bali Indonesia Clothing.

Pnc1-23 Bali Fashion Clothing

Poncho 1-23 Rp 55,000*

Bali Fashion Clothing.

Pnc1-24 Bali Dresses Wholesale

Poncho 1-24 Rp 55,000*

Bali Dresses Wholesale.

Pnc1-25 Bali Clothing Online

Poncho 1-25 Rp 55,000*

Bali Clothing Online.

Pnc1-26 Bali Clothing For Women

Poncho 1-26 Rp 40,000*

Batik clothing poncho dress.

Pnc1-27 Bali Clothing Factory

Poncho 1-27 Rp 40,000*

Bali Clothing Factory.

Pnc1-28 Bali Clothing Company

Poncho 1-28 Rp 40,000*

Bali Clothing Company.

Pnc1-29 Bali Beachwear

Poncho 1-29 Rp 40,000*

Bali Beachwear.

Pnc1-30 Bali Batiks Womens Clothing

Poncho 1-30 Rp 40,000*

Bali Batiks Womens Clothing.

Pnc1-31 Bali Batiks Wholesale

Poncho 1-31 Rp 40,000*

Bali Batiks Wholesale.

Pnc1-32 Bali Batiks Resort Wear

Poncho 1-32 Rp 40,000*

Bali Batiks Resort Wear.

Pnc1-33 Bali Batiks Plus Size Clothing

Poncho 1-33 Rp 70,000*

Bali Batiks Plus Size Clothing.

Pnc1-34 Bali Batik Dresses

Poncho 1-34 Rp 40,000*

Bali Batik Dresses.

Pnc1-35 Bali Batik Clothing

Poncho 1-35 Rp 70,000*

Bali Batik Clothing.

Pnc1-36 Bali Apparel

Poncho 1-36 Rp 40,000*

Bali Apparel.

*Note: Price Exworks Bali, price include only product, nothing else. Price subject to change without prior notice. Always contact us for price update. Price in US$ based on exchange rate 1 US$ = Rp 10,500. Exchange rate is subject to change anytime. Currency Converter